Green Building Skills Training

Free online green building skills training for building a more sustainable Canada. Insulation and air sealing installer training, air barriers, and more is currently open for online registration.

Training for Building Professionals

All courses are available for free and are completely online. A certificate of completion will be emailed to you upon completion of any course.

These courses are delivered online through a modern, interactive, and self-paced learning program that will be useful for anyone in the insulation business, including: on site insulation installers, insulation supervisors or owners, carpenters, home inspectors, building inspectors, architects/designers, renovators, and more.

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Air Barriers for Professionals

Air Barriers for Professionals is practically oriented information for residential construction workers and renovators who deal with air tightness, insulation and various control barriers to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

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Insulation & Air Sealing Training

The Insulation Installers Course provides you with the knowledge and skills required to install common residential insulation products in a safe and effective manner based on the most up to date building science principles behind the Building Codes.

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About NAIMA Canada Training

NAIMA Canada works with Canadian building science experts, construction professionals, institutions and supporting organizations to create free, online training for people in the construction industry. Our mandate is to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings through increased insulation and air tightness strategies.

We are always looking to forge strong partnerships with others in the construction industry, in educational institutions, and with those interested in sharing information about high performance buildings, energy efficiency, occupant comfort and healthy housing.

To learn more about our training and how we can help your organization, please contact:
Andy Cockburn, Director of Education & Training