National Insulation and
Air Sealing Training Program

For contractors, renovators, energy advisors and designers who work with insulation, control layers and building envelope materials. Including fully narrated lessons on energy retrofits, national building codes and high performance residential building details. Certificate available upon completion. Available for free online.


We are the Insulation Manufacturers

NAIMA Canada (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) is an association for manufacturers of fiberglass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation conducting business in Canada. We were established to promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through the use of insulation, to encourage safe production and installation of insulation materials, and to support improved comfort for the occupants throughout the home or building’s lifetime.

NAIMA Canada asserts that increasing insulation in homes and buildings decreases the energy required to heat and cool spaces, resulting in lowered energy bills and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, properly insulated homes and buildings improve the comfort of indoor space, and that indoor air quality is improved with the use of insulation products, including products that have been certified by GREENGUARD.

Insulation Requirements

Click here to find the Canadian heating degree days (HDD), climate zones, and insulation code requirements for each municipality across the country. Updated as codes change. 

Free Training

Free online training programs are now available for contractors across Canada. Elevate your business and your bottom line. More jobs done right = more jobs in the future.

Codes & Standards

Understanding your jurisdiction’s codes and standards are paramount to the safe installation of insulation. Also find conversion tables and other resources for professionals here.

Financial Incentives for Insulation

Whether you are insulating your home or residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial building, you may be entitled to some financial incentives to help cover the costs of the project.


Energy Efficiency Day 2023

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