Where To Insulate

Where to Insulate in Your Home

Not sure where exactly to insulate? Probably in more places than you think. All surfaces that separate your home from the outside— attics, walls, basement walls, floors above vented crawl spaces, floors over unheated garages or porches, cathedral ceilings, and knee walls—should be insulated using thermal mineral fiber insulation. All walls, ceilings and floors separating rooms in a home should be insulated using acoustic mineral fiber insulation. The goal is to create a consistent wrap around the home, a “thermal envelope”, with no penetrations.

Not every area is easy to access. Ceilings and attics are always good places to start, both because they are accessible and because more heat escapes through the roof than any other part of the home.

How much insulation to use?

Areas to Insulate in Your Home

  1. Attics and flat ceilings
  2. Cathedral Ceilings
  3. Side walls (to the exterior)
  4. Floors and Crawl Spaces
  5. Basements
  6. Ductwork
  7. Easy to overlook areas
  8. Interior Walls