Residential Renovation 101

The modules in Residential Renovation 101 describe the fundamentals of material use, building types and historical attributes of residential construction.

About This Course


The Residential Renovation 101 Series presents a growing collection of guides on all things renovation and retrofit. Explore new topics posted regularly to broaden your understanding of deep energy retrofits, architectural styles, heritage buildings and the building science of renovation / retrofit work.

The 101 Series is geared for industry professionals, apprentices and students of construction, historic restoration, building science and design.

Course Components



Heritage 101 – Guidelines and Hazards

An examination of the fundamental rules and issues when working with old buildings. When does a building become heritage? What are site hazards to watch for? How should a contractor approach a heritage retrofit if the building is protected? Learn about these topics and more in the first module of the 101 Series.



Heritage 102 – Structures

Explore the stuff that holds up the walls and roofs of old buildings, and learn about the various materials used to create foundations, openings, rafters, porches, and fireplaces. This second module of the 101 Series reveals the types of structures that may be found in heritage buildings across Canada.



Heritage 103 

The third module in the 101 series examines the decorative character of heritage buildings and offers precautions for dealing with one-of-a-kind ornamental details in retrofits. Heritage 103: Woodwork and Finishes looks at elements of trim, doors and windows, stairs, cladding and roof finishes. 



Heritage 104 – Rebuilding the Retrofit Industry

The fourth installment in the Residential Renovation 101 Series is called “Rebuilding the Retrofit Industry”, presenting a practical, hopeful look at the challenges we face in Canada as we improve our built environment. With this module, we explore deep energy retrofits, building science fundamentals, ventilation, aging in place, and other ideas that may affect the world of renovation and residential construction.

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