Updated NAIMA Canada Training: National Insulation & Air Sealing Training Program

Updated: February 2022

NAIMA Canada, along with partners EnerGuide, the Canadian Home Builder’s Association, and Summerhill, have released a new and updated National Insulation and Air Sealing Training Program. The program is available for free online, with a certificate available upon successful completion of the course material.

The new training is the National Insulation and Air Sealing Training Program – for residential contractors and renovators who work with thermal insulation installs and building envelope materials.

Greater expectations for the energy performance of new and existing buildings are being written into building codes across Canada. This is happening for several reasons: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce energy demand, and to create more a more resilient built environment.

One of the best approaches to resolving these issues is to treat the building envelope first – to conserve energy within the building and to reduce energy demand as much as possible. From a practical point of view, this means that our buildings will require improved thermal, air, water and moisture control layers with energy efficient balanced mechanical ventilation.

The construction industry is a critical part of this approach. That’s why NAIMA Canada has developed the National Insulation and Air Sealing Training Program with an updated focus on National Code and National Energy Code requirements.

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