“What one item helps people, pocketbooks and the planet?  Insulation.”  This is the message driven in the video released by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) on April 21, one day before Earth Day.  It is a message we can be reminded of again today.

Today is World Environment Day, celebrated by raising awareness internationally on environmental issues and by demonstrating ways we can take positive action to protect our environment and our planet.  One way we can take action is by making homes and buildings more energy efficient.

“In Canada, about 16 per cent of energy use is for residential buildings,” said Hua Ge, an Engineering assistant professor at Concordia University, in an interview with the Montreal Gazette, “About 60 per cent of that energy is for space heating, which is mostly due to heat loss through the building envelope”.

Heat and cooled air lost through the roof, walls, or floors – or the building envelope – is responsible for 40 per cent of Canada’s total GHG emissions.  It is also responsible for draftiness throughout the winter and increasing your energy bills throughout the year.

NAIMA’s video reminds us that adding insulation to homes is a relatively simple, low-cost home improvement offering benefits that are friendly to your pocketbook and our planet.  Additional insulation can reduce utility costs and overall energy use when compared with an uninsulated building.

There may be financial incentives and rebates offered to you by your local government, bank, or utility company, so be sure to check if you can save some money on your insulation project.

Visit www.naimacanada.ca for more information on the environmental benefits of fiber glass and mineral wool insulation.