Celebrating Energy Efficiency Day 2023

October 4 is Energy Efficiency Day, but efficiency is year-round! 

Today marks the Annual Energy Efficiency Day (#EEDay2023), established by advocate groups around North America to highlight the benefits of energy efficiency. Hundreds of companies, organizations, utilities, and governments will take part in #EEDay2023 by encouraging Canadians to support energy efficiency efforts, which save money, cut pollution, create jobs, and much more.

Among the most important activities to undertake to increase energy efficiency is to insulate. 

When we celebrate energy efficiency, we’re celebrating people. There are more than 436,000 Canadians who work in the energy efficiency sector, and together, we’re eliminating waste, building healthier and more resilient homes, and growing the economy. We’re proud to be part of a sector that improves our communities in so many ways — from creating good, local jobs, to building and retrofitting safe and resilient homes, to creating better-ventilated schools, to addressing energy poverty, and more.  

We’re celebrating the Canadians and those across North America who make a living delivering not just energy efficiency, but more comfortable homes, more prosperous businesses, healthier schools, and bigger energy savings to you and yours.

Happy Energy Efficiency Day 2023! 

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