New: Residential Renovation 101 Training Series

Residential Renovation 101 describes the fundamentals of material use, building types, and historical attributes of residential construction.

Improving the energy performance of our built environment is top-of-mind for almost every sector of construction. Building with purpose towards targets for Net Zero, LEED and Passive House is something that many developers are applying to all of their new projects.

But what about older buildings? The number of existing structures where we live and work vastly exceeds the number of new buildings going up. How will we make those buildings more energy efficient, more comfortable and more sustainable?

Available for free online, the Residential Renovation 101 Series is a growing collection of guides all about older buildings and the varied scenarios that may occur when applying the practical principles of Deep Energy Retrofits.

This new training series is built for contractors, renovators, energy advisors and project planners. With a ‘building envelope first’ approach, each module presents fundamental considerations for:

  • Working with old structures, trim, windows and doors;
  • Alterations and improvements to the house as a system;
  • Common hazards for buildings and sites;
  • Guidelines and approaches for retrofitting heritage buildings.

As the Residential Renovation 101 Series grows, industry professionals can expand their knowledge and confidence in tackling the enormous job of retrofitting buildings across Canada.