​Tips for Effective Online Learning

Working or Studying From Home?

Do you suddenly find yourself with some extra time on your hands? Across Canada, many workers are discovering this unforeseen downtime, one thing that we’re not talking much about is how to fill that time. 

Shakespeare wrote some of his best and most well-known works (Macbeth and King Lear) amid the plague. So while we’re all stuck indoors and retaining a safe social distance from others, maybe now is the time to pick up some extra skills to boost that resume.

Moving Online

Many are turning to online training courses to not only fill the time, but to come out of this pandemic with an improved resume and updated expertise to add to their website and business cards. 

Resume building and updating your skillset often fall to the wayside during everyday life, which is always go-go-go. Now is the time to organize yourself, catch up on admin or budget items, and work on your business to emerge from this pandemic stronger and ready to spring into action with your clients. 

If you’re a contractor considering online training, we recommend the NAIMA Canada Insulation Training Course. It’s free, it’s online (practicing safe social distancing), and it can be done at your own pace. It can take between a couple hours to a day to finish, and when you’ve completed the course, you can add these new skills to your resume and keep a sharp mind when on the job. Use this course to become better than your competition!

If you’re considering any kind of online training, or if you’re working remotely, here are some valuable tips to being productive as a digital student or worker. 

1.Set an Overall Goal

You don’t need to be as lofty as Shakespeare, but setting an intention and marking down a goal can get you in the right mindset. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. For example, your goal can be “I’ll finish Module 1 and 2 today and pass both quizzes”.

2. Establish a Routine

Even if you’re more of a free-spirit, having even a bit of structure in your day can be productive. Do what works best for you, but having some dedicated time to study during the day can help you stay focused on the task at hand. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, try to sculpt some dedicated time out to study.

3. Break Tasks Down

You’ve probably been doing this on the job-site without even realizing it, or maybe you already consciously practice this, but this method can be helpful for remote studying and working as well. Try and separate tasks and break them down into smaller steps to make sure you’re not too overwhelmed.

4. Minimize Screen Distractions

This is easier said than done, especially for notorious procrastinators. Set your phone (or at least social media notifications) to silent, or even put it in another room. Close all browser windows/tabs that don’t pertain to your task, or at least organize them so you can keep tasks separate. Entering full screen mode is also a great option if you want that laser focus.

5. Create a Dedicated Space

If you’re in home building or are a building professional, you already know the benefits of having separate work spaces or a workshop. Having a dedicated space at home to take online courses can make your learning more effective. Create whatever environment you learn best in and make it your office space.

6. Take Breaks!

To be truly productive and retain the information you’re learning, you need to take short breaks. Make a fresh cup of coffee, do some push-ups, or play with the dog for a few solid minutes. If you can, try and manage these breaks when there’s a natural break in the learning material, like a new section, or after a quiz.

7. Celebrate the Successes

Aced a quiz? Learned something cool? Completed a course? Take the time to have a celebration moment! If you’ve completed the course, don’t forget to add any new skills to your LinkedIn or your website. Use your successes to your advantage and stand above your competition.

Your Best Asset is YOU

Everyone has at least one thing that they’ve been trying to finish for what feels like forever. If your business now has you working remotely, or if you find yourself with more at-home time in the evenings, this is a great time to finally complete that project. 

Even if your business is experiencing a slow period, take some of this newly acquired time to set your business and your best asset (YOU) ahead of the competition. Clients look for highly skilled and specialized workers, so use social distancing to your advantage and try out some free online courses.

Below is the link to the NAIMA Canada InsulationTraining Course which is always free, online, and self-paced. Emerge from this unprecedented time with your business being better than ever.