Healthy Housing Advocacy

NAIMA Canada, in partnership with the Centre for Urban Growth + Renewal, have developed an online training to help workers in the construction industry become more familiar with retrofitting in occupied buildings.

About This Course


The retrofit industry is still developing in Canada and lacks knowledge, skills, strategies and specialized products to effectively carry out retrofits in occupied buildings. This can lead to inflated costs and risk – or buildings owners avoiding retrofits altogether. Deep retrofits are long, complex construction projects that can be disruptive and require specific strategies to avoid undue disruption to tenants.

This training module will introduce members of the construction industry to completing construction activities in buildings where residents remain in their units. It introduces concepts around healthy housing, energy efficiency, affordability and accessibility to help centre retrofit work as human-focused. The training also seeks to assist workers with communicating the benefits of retrofit work as well as reinforcing the rights of tenants.

There are 4 Main Modules in this Course



The Definition of Healthy Housing in Canada
  1. Affordability
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Resource Efficiency
  4. Accessibility



Advocating for Healthy Housing – Key Communications
  1. Talking to tenants about Healthy Housing
  2. Daily Practices – Walking the Talk
  3. Legal – avoiding claims and jargon



Energy Efficiency in Housing – Plain Language Descriptions
  1. Metrics – Energy generation, energy costs
  2. Construction – Insulation, fenestration, thermal performance and air sealing
  3. Systems – HRV / ERV, ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ)



Affordability and Accessibility of Healthy Housing
  1. An Overview of Housing Economics in Canada
  2. Demographics, Social Groups & Housing Needs
  3. Healthy housing in the vulnerable sector
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About the Healthy Housing Advocacy Training

This research and resulting online training was conducted and produced with the support of CMHC through their National Housing Strategy funding for Solutions Labs in partnership with NAIMA CanadaACORN CanadaEvergreenMaRS Solutions Lab and The Natural Step