Field Guide to the
Building Envelope


The building envelope is the most important aspect of a building’s design when considering energy efficiency. Controlling how the indoor conditions interact with the outdoor environment has many benefits. It can help make the home more comfortable and healthier, more durable, and reduce energy consumption (lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint). 

NAIMA Canada’s Field Guide to the Building Envelope covers the essentials of the building envelope, its importance, how to improve the building envelope, the role of air tightness, and more. 

What you’ll uncover inside:


  • Defining and understanding the building envelope
  • Improving the building envelope
  • Effective insulation values, R-Value
  • Continuous insulation
  • Thermal bridging
  • Openings
  • Building air tightness
  • Moisture
  • The whole home approach
  • Free insulation and air sealing training resources