The Yukon Commercial Financial Incentives for Insulation

Commercial Energy Incentive Program

Commercial Energy Incentive Program

The Yukon’s Energy, Mines and Resources Department is offering the following incentive:

  • 20% of insulating materials and labour, up to $96,000

Building must contain 3 or more individual dwelling units that share a common entrance, corridor, or lobby (e.g., apartment buildings and condominiums).

Thermal enclosure upgrade for mixed-use building rebate

Thermal enclosure upgrade for mixed-use building rebate

Up to $50,000 available in rebates for renovations that improve the thermal enclosure and performance of existing multi-use residential buildings and mixed use buildings.

Rebate Maximum rebate
Energy assessment Initial energy assessment

$40% of cost

$1,500 max.

Final energy assessment 40% of cost

$300 max.

Insulation Basic – increase by R20 to R29 ($2.50/sf) $42,000
High performance – increase by R30 or greater ($3.50/sf)
Materials & cost sheet for insulation upgrade $200
Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) HRV performing at SRE >= 64% @ -25oC

$500 per unit

$4,000 max.

Windows ENERGY STAR® Zone 3-qualified

$100 per unit

$2,000 max.

  $50,000 maximum