Quebec Commercial Financial Incentives for Insulation

Hydro Quebec Efficient Solutions - Simplified Program

Hydro Quebec Efficient Solutions – Simplified Program

Measures for commercial and institutional buildings (over 200 available):
  • Thermal envelope improvements
  • Installation of roof units with heat pumps
  • Geothermal systems
  • Heat recovery systems (for gray water, air and pool areas)
  • Installation of heat pumps
  • Aerothermal systems
  • Installation of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) (range hood, HVAC system)
  • Use of efficient cooling systems and air conditioners
  • Refrigeration of food for grocery stores (CO2, ammonia, HFC)
  • Refrigeration of ice surfaces for arenas and curling rinks (CO2, ammonia, HFC)
  • Use of efficient ski hill snow cannons

Online calculator available to check if you are eligible.

Novoclimat Big Multiple-Unit Buildings

Novoclimat Big Multiple-Unit Buildings

The Novoclimat program applies to buildings of over 600 m² with up to 10 storeys in which electricity, natural gas or residual forest biomass is the main source of energy. The buildings must be newly built or undergoing major renovation.

The types of buildings eligible are private, i.e. condominiums or dwelling units, or social housing. Conversion or recycling projects may be eligible provided that they satisfy all of the Novoclimat requirements.


A Novoclimat dwelling unit or condominium offers numerous advantages:

  • more energy efficient dwelling units, which will reduce your energy costs;
  • superior comfort since more airtight walls mean fewer unpleasant drafts;
  • better air quality because of the mechanical ventilation heat recovery system that draws fresh air into the main rooms;
  • better temperature control through the use of electronic thermostats but, above all, by means of superior insulation and the installation of energy-efficient windows that help to keep warm inside in winter and cool air inside in the summer.
Gazifère Green - Financial Assistance for Commercial and Institutional Customers

Gazifère Green – Financial Assistance for Commercial and Institutional Customers

Gazifère is offering financial assistance to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

  • Feasibility study
    • New Building: $2,000 to cover a portion of the cost of commissioning an energy simulation using a tool such as EE4, CAN-QUEST or DOE2
    • Existing Building: $2,000 to cover a portion of the cost of having a feasibility study carried out
  • Support for initiatives
    • Energy Optimization: $0.25/m3 of natural gas savings to a maximum of 70% of the cost of the measure involved, or $20,000
Support for Initiatives

Support for Initiatives

Gazifère is offering an incentive with two components. Energy optimization of buildings: supports measures involving the building envelope and mechanical systems.

  • $0.25 per cubic metre of natural gas saved up to a maximum of 70% of the measure’s cost, or $20,000
Hydro Quebec Buildings Program

Hydro Quebec Buildings Program

Hydro Québec is offering financial assistance based on the rise or fall of electricity consumption due to the energy efficiency measures taken. It is offered in two tiers:

  • Prescriptive component: for buildings that are smaller than 10,000 m2 and for new buildings that are at least 2,000 m2. The energy efficiency measures are predefined and must save at least $2,500.
  • Catered component: for buildings that are at least 10,000 m2. The measures that are implemented must result in a savings of at least 50,000 kWh/year.

The program is for existing and new commercial and institutional buildings, including multiple-unit residential buildings that are at least 4 floors.