Ontario Residential Financial Incentives for Insulation

The Insulate Lanark program offers a one-time grant of up to $2500 to qualified applicants to assist with a new insulation project that will improve the condition and energy efficiency of your home. The total project may exceed $2500, however the homeowner would be responsible for paying any balance over and above the grant amount Applicants must meet income limits, home value restrictions and asset amounts to be eligible for the program.

Who Qualifies?

  • Homeowners with a household income under $70,000 and asset value of less than $200,000
  • House must be the sole residence and valued at less than $305,372
  • Mortgage, Property Tax and Home Insurance must be up-to-date

What Insulation Projects Might Be Eligible?

A project to add or improve the insulation value in attics, basements or roofs.

How and When To Apply?

Applications for Insulate Lanark are available immediately and may be accessed with the link on this site or by mail upon request. Projects will be reviewed and approved until the funding allocation is depleted.

What If I Have Questions?

If you would like more information or to have an application mailed to you, please call to book a phone appointment with a Housing Services Caseworker at:
(613) 812-3252 or (613)-267-4200, Ext 2404 or Ext 2402 or
Toll-free 1-888-952-6275 Ext 2404 or 2402

What Information Must I Provide to Determine My Eligibility?

  • Photo Identification for every member of the household
  • Notices of Assessment for every adult in the household
  • Asset verification – 90 days of current bank statement data
  • Verification that the mortgage is up to date or a sworn declaration that the home is owned with no mortgage attached
  • Verification that property taxes are up to date
  • Verification that house insurance is up to date
  • Proof of property value – MPAC statement
  • 2 quotes for the project (quotes must be from qualified companies that have a business or HST number)

Where To Submit The Application?

Lanark County Housing Services
52 Abbott Street North, Unit 4
Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 1W3
(Mail or Drop off)

Lanark County Administration Building
99 Christie Lake Road,
Perth, ON, K7H 3C6
(Mail or Drop off)

Lanark County Social Services
33 Lansdowne Street, Unit 43C
Carleton Place, ON
(Drop off only)

OR Email to: housingapplications@lanarkcounty.ca



Genworth Energy Efficient Housing Program

Genworth Canada wants to help protect the environment and support consumers as they make environmentally friendly choices. Through the Genworth Canada Energy- Efficient Housing Program, home buyers purchasing an energy-efficient home or making energy saving renovations are now eligible for significant premium savings when Genworth Canada mortgage insurance is obtained.

  • A refund of up to 25 per cent of the Genworth Canada insurance premium.
  • Available on all Genworth Canada mortgage insurance products.
$300,000 mortgage @ 95% LTV Premium Payable*
Standard Premium (95% LTV = 4.00%) $12,000
Energy-Efficient Premium Refund (15%) ($1,800)
Total Premium $10,200



Hydro One First Nations Conservation Program
Find out if you qualify for free energy-efficient upgrades to help save energy and make your home more comfortable. This help is offered at no cost to you.

To qualify for the program:

  • You must be a First Nations person living in a participating First Nations community
  • You must be a primary or secondary account holder or live in band-owned housing
  • If you own your home, it must be your primary residence
  • If you rent your home, you must have the consent of the building owner/manager

Free upgrades might include:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs
  • Smart power bars
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Weatherstripping
  • ENERGY STAR® certified appliances
  • Faucet aerators
  • Attic and basement insulation
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Block heater timers
  • Hot water tank wrap and pipe insulation



ENBRIDGE Home Efficiency Rebate Offering
Qualify for up to $5,000 back for installing eligible energy efficiency upgrades in your home. Save up to 20% yearly on your energy bill and increase home comfort. Upgrades make your home warm during winter and cool in the summer.

To participate in the Home Efficiency Rebate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Own a residential detached or semi-detached house or row townhouse
  • Heat your home using a natural gas furnace or boiler
  • Complete home assessments with a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) before and after upgrades are made
  • Install two or more qualifying upgrades

1. Contact a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) to pre-qualify for your initial home assessment.
Contact one of the many available REAs who will take the time to pre-qualify you over the phone before your initial assessment is booked, listed at enbridgesmartsavings.com/energyadvisor. Each Service Organization provides the same customer experience and will facilitate the rebate on your behalf. Upon successful completion, Enbridge Gas will include a $550 reimbursement to help offset the cost of both energy assessments. This will be included in your final incentive cheque.

2. Successfully complete at least two qualifying upgrades.
When selecting your contractors, Enbridge recommends getting at least three quotes before making a decision. A list of contractors and qualifying upgrades can be found online at enbridgesmartsavings.com/upgrades.

3. Complete a final home assessment with the same Registered Energy Advisor.
The final assessment takes approximately an hour and must take place within 120 days of your initial assessment. Your Registered Energy Advisor will then submit your paperwork to Enbridge, and you’ll receive your incentive cheque by mail within 8-12 weeks.


  • Heating System (furnace or boiler) $750
  • Upgraded Insulation:
    • Up to $1,000 for Basement
    • Up to $2,000 fir Exterior Wall
    • Up to $500 for Attic
  • Water Heater: $200
  • Windows/Doors: approx. $40 per
  • Air Sealing: Up to $150

For complete qualifying details, and to book your home assessment with a Registered Energy Advisor, visit: enbridgesmartsavings.com/homerebate



Enbridge Greenhouses Program
The greenhouse program provides free services and financial incentives for the assessment and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives. Some examples of strategies and technologies that have helped our customers in the past include:

  • Controls to better manage greenhouse temperature and humidity levels
  • Insulation and other measures to reduce air leaks
  • Air curtains and retractable curtains to keep sunlight and inside treated air in and outside air out
  • Infrared heaters for direct controlled heating
  • Maintenance of heating equipment to optimize overall performance and longevity of equipment
  • Destratification and/or horizontal air flow fans to maximize efficiency and circulation of treated air and humidity
  • Measures to improve efficiency of ventilation systems and minimize loss of treated air
  • Replacement of outdated energy efficiency measures



SaveOn/Toronto Hydro Home Assistance Program
Free energy efficiency upgrades for lower-income households, including the supply and installation of attic or basement insulation.

What upgrades are available through the program?

  • ENERGY STAR®-certified LED light bulbs
  • Power bars with timers
  • High-efficiency showerheads (standard and handheld)
  • Aerators (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Drying racks
  • Energy-efficient refrigerator
  • Window air conditioner
  • Additional attic or basement insulation
  • Weatherstripping around doors and windows



Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)
Through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP), Toronto homeowners can get a low-interest loan of up to $75,000 to cover the cost of home energy improvements, such as:

  • High-efficiency furnaces / boilers / air conditioners
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Window / door replacements
  • Basement/attic/exterior wall insulation
  • Air sealing (e.g. weather stripping or caulking)
  • Geothermal systems
  • High-efficiency water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Drain-water heat recovery systems
  • Toilet replacements
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Rooftop solar PV panels
  • Electric vehicle charging stations (Level 2)
  • Battery storage



Enbridge Affordable Housing Conservation Program
The program offers up to 50% off the cost of a fully installed energy efficiency project including insulation.



Enbridge - Home Reno Rebate
The program offers the following rebates to homeowners living in detached/semi-detached homes in Central or Southwestern Ontario who complete at least two of the eligible renovations, including:



Home Weatherization Program

To help lower-income households save money on energy bills, the program offers free insulation where it is needed in the attic, wall, and basement.



Hi-rise Retrofit Improvement Support (Hi-RIS) Program
The City of Toronto’s Tower Renewal program offers a range of services to residential apartment building owners including the Hi-RIS financing program. Hi-RIS provides competitive financing at fixed rates to property owners wanting to undertake building improvements that reduce energy and water consumption such as insulation for the roof or exterior walls. Residential apartment buildings with 3 or more storeys located in Toronto are eligible to apply for this program.

  • 5-year term interest rate 2.05%
  • 10-year term interest rate 3.54%
  • 15-year term interest rate 4.74%
  • 20-year term interest rate 5.26%

The loan will be repaid in instalments on the building owner’s property tax bill.