Terre-Neuve & Labrador : Aides financières pour l’isolation des bâtiments résidentiels

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National Programs 

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Scotiabank offers homeowners access to incentives, rebates, and financing for energy efficiency upgrades to their homes, including:

Contact:   1-800-4-SCOTIA[/toggle][toggle title= »EcoSmart Mortgage » open= »no »]

EcoSmart Mortgage

The Bank of Montreal offers low interest rates and pre-payment options on 5-year closed mortgages for energy efficient single-family homes and high-rise condominiums. 

Single-family homes require 6 of the 7 energy efficient features, including good quality attic insulation (minimum RSI 8.6, R-49).  High-rise condominiums do not require insulation as an energy efficiency feature. 

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Energy Efficient Housing Program 

Genworth Canada offers 10% refunds off mortgage insurance premiums and access to Homebuyer Privileges (an exclusive online discount program for commonly purchased household items). 

New or existing homes need to achieve an EnerGuide (EG) rating of at least 82.  High-rise residential buildings need to be LEED-certified or registered with the Canadian Green Building Council, or be 5% more efficient than Code (20% above the MNECB).  Renovations need to improve the building’s EG rating by at least 5 points, to a minium of EG40. 

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Green Home

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers a 10% mortgage loan insurance premium refund when you use CMHC insured financing to purchase an energy efficient home or make energy-saving renovations. 

New builds need to achieve a minimum EnerGuide (EG) rating of 82, or be 5% more efficient than Code (20% above the MNECB).  Renovations need to improve the EG rating by at least 5 points, to a minimum of EG40. 

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Green Living Mortgage

Preferred mortgage rates for new homes or renovations that meet energy efficiency standards (EnerGuide rating of 83 or better). 

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RBC Energy Saver Loan

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) offers a 1% interest rate discount or a $100 rebate on a home energy audit with a qualifying purchase through a fixed rate loan over $5,000. 

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RBC Energy Saver Mortgage 

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) offers a $300 rebate for a home energy audit. 

Refinance your existing mortgage, purchase a home, and/or make improvements to resale properties to qualify. 

Contact:   1-800-ROYAL-1[/toggle][/accordian]

Provincial Programs

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Insulation Rebate

Take Charge NL is offering the following rebates for homeowners of homes built before January 1, 2014 and connected to an electrical system:

  • 75% of pre-tax costs, up to a maximum of $1,000, for insulating a basement wall to at least R-18 (and at most R-25) or a basement ceiling  to at least R-30 (and at most R-35)
  • 50% of pre-tax costs, up to a maximum of $1,000, for insulating an attic to at least R-50 (and at most R-55)

Newfoundland Power 1-800-663-2802 | 709-737-2802 

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro 1-888-737-1296 or 709-737-1400 | email[/toggle][toggle title= »Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) » open= »no »]

Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation are offering the following to low-income owners of single, row, and semi-detached housing:

  • Free pre- and post-energy inspection
  • Up to $3,000 grant per unit on the island (up to $4,000 per unit in Labrador)

Contact:   1-866-331-3436 | 709-724-3132[/toggle][/accordian]