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What Next?

You’ve selected the best insulation type for your project, and are now ready to install it into your home. Your next step is to find the manufacturer’s installation instructions, which are readily available either on the package labelling and/or the manufacturers web site. Whether you’re installing thermal or acoustic insulation, the information in the instructions will cover all health and safety advice, tooling, and associated materials needed. If the work requires a building permit, then the relevant code requirements must also be met. If any of the code and manufacturer instructions differ, follow the more stringent of the two.

Note that in the case of insulating between a conditioned space (spaces that have been heated or cooled) and an unconditioned space (unheated or uncooled spaces), you must address the presence and continuity of an air barrier and a vapour retarder (or vapour barrier).

Consult the manufacturers’ instructions for more information, or visit their websites.