Colombie Britannique : Aides financières pour l’isolation des bâtiments industriels

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Provincial Programs

BC Hydro

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Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study

BC Hydro is fully funded in-depth analyses of energy solutions and cost/benefit analyses needed to make strategic decision for increasing energy efficiency in facilities. 

Contact:   Lower Mainland 604-522-4713 | Elsewhere 1-866-522-4713 | email[/toggle][/accordian]


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Commercial Custom Design Program: Retrofit Projects

Program for buildings designed with energy conservation in mind.

  • Energy Study Funding: 50% of the cost to a maximum of $25,000.
  • Capital Incentive Funding: The additional cost of implementing the approved energy conservation measure over and above the cost of an otherwise equivalent yet less efficient alternative, less the value of one year’s worth of natural gas savings. 
  • Implementation Bonus Funding: Offered to those who successfully deliver more than half of the approved energy savings, up to $25,000.

Buildings need to be heated with natural gas. 

Contact:   1-866-884-8833 | email [/toggle][toggle title= »Custom Business Efficiency Program » open= »no »]

Custom Business Efficiency Program

A program for buildings with high-performance designs that deliver energy savings.

  • Energy Study Funding: No cost walk-through energy assessment to help identify energy saving opportunities for your project.
  • Energy Modelling Study: $1,500 towards the cost of the energy study, and 50% advance from your expected rebate (up to $6,000).
  • Rebates: Based on $0.10/estimated annual kilowatt hour (kWh) saved, and provided once your project is complete and the energy savings are confirmed.  Final rebate amounts range from $1,000 to over $300,000.

Karen d’Aoust, PowerSense Small Business Representative | 250-469-8035 | 1-855-857-7411 | email  

Central Okanagan Kelly Hewson, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-717-0809 | email 

South Okanagan / Similkameen Perry Feser, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-770-4607 | email 
Phil Hawkes, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-770-4606 | email 

Kootenay / Boundary Doug Limminen, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-368-0509 | email[/toggle]
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Industrial Optimization Program

FortisBC is offering its industrial customers funding towards a plant-wide, comprehensive energy audit, a feasibility study once measures are identified, and possible funding towards the energy efficiency projects.  Eligibility and size of the incentive are determined by FortisBC. 

Contact:   1-866-884-8833 | email[/toggle]