RFP Now Open – Residential Building Insulation & Air Sealing Training Program

Closing Date
June 9, 2017 – 3:00pm EST

The program will create awareness of insulation and air sealing application options and best practice techniques along with the integration of those interventions within the building envelope. Topics will include general building science, the house as a system, case studies, inspection, diagnosis and synthesis, basement and crawl space, above-grade wall systems, roofs and attics, cladding, proper air-sealing of doors and windows, space heating, cooling, ventilation, moisture, combustion appliance safety, etc….

Proposals must be submitted electronically in either MS Word or Adobe PDF format. Proposals will be accepted until 3pm EST on June 9th, 2017. Any proposals received after this date and time will not be considered for review. An official agent or representative of the company submitting the proposal must sign all proposals.

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What To Expect From The Program

  • Identify the building systems in place (air, vapour, water, thermal barriers) and understand how they work together for different types and time periods of home construction
  • Identify complications that may arise during the job, including those that may be hidden before a job starts (ie mold, structural issues, electrical issues, pest infestation, etc… once a wall cavity is opened) and mitigation strategies
  • Suggest and execute insulation and air-sealing solutions that won’t jeopardize the systems in place or occupant health
  • Suggest and execute efficient insulation, water, air and vapour management strategies
  • Identify combustion equipment in use within the home and recognize those that pose a potential spillage risk once the air sealing is completed
  • Seek professional help such as experts for air tightness testing, make-up air installation, mechanical ventilation systems, structural solutions, pest control, etc… when the situation exceeds personal knowledge or competencies

The Program

Successful vendor(s) will develop a blended program of both on-line and classroom learning. There will be two mandatory general modules to be presented in introduction and conclusion of the program in addition to four modules, or “focus” courses, specific to building components. The focus courses will be independent to one and other and interchangeable in order. The introduction module will be presented as a four to six-hour session. The conclusion and the four focus courses will be two to four-hour sessions, totalling fourteen to eighteen hours of educational activities.

Each module will have theory lessons and practical training. Vendor(s) are to create an exam, or supervised exercise, to follow each course to allow a Certificate of Completion to be granted. Training materials are to be developed to support the course theory and will fit in a small suitcase. Larger samples and mock up tests for practical purposes should use materials to be found at the location of the training session. The Steering Committee will work with jurisdictional partners to coordinate the adaptation of the curriculum to address regional specificities by local professionals, technicians, or architects.

Each bidder must submit one (1) electronic copy of their proposal to:
June 9, 2017 at 3:00pm EST