British Columbia Residential Financial Incentives for Insulation


Home Renovation Rebates: Insulation

The following rebates are provided for insulation upgrades.

  • Exterior wall sheathing and exterior wall cavities: R value x $0.05 x square feet, up to $1,200
  • Basement and crawl space: R value x $0.05 x square feet, up to $1,000
  • Attic, flat or cathedral ceilings: R value x $0.02 x square feet, up to $600
  • Other area (exposed floors or joist headers): R value x $0.05 x square feet, up to $450

Pre-upgrade home energy audit must be completed after April 1, 2013, and eligible upgrades must be installed after April 22, 2014.

Contact:   1-877-740-0055 | email

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Home Renovation Rebates: Bonus

Hire a licensed energy advisor to complete a pre- and post-upgrade home energy audit, and upgrade three or more of the following in your home to be eligible for a $750 bonus rebate.

  • Insulation (each insulation location can qualify as one of the three if each amounts to a minimum of $300)
  • draftproofing
  • ENERGY STAR windows and doors, high-efficiency heating system, water heater, or heat recovery ventilator (HRV)

Pre-upgrade home energy audit must be completed after April 1, 2013, and eligible upgrades must be installed after April 22, 2014.

Contact:   1-877-740-0055 | email

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Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP)

A program for lower-income earners.

  • Free home energy evaluation
  • Free installation of energy saving products (including insulation in attics, walls, and crawlspaces)
  • Free energy efficiency advice

Electricity customers: 1-800-363-3330 | email
City of Westminster customers: 1-877-446-8855

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Home Energy Rebate Offer (HERO)

Rebates provided for ventilation and draftproofing, space and water heating upgrades, and insulation.

  • Up to $1,200 for exterior wall insulation
  • Up to $1,000 for basement insulation
  • Up to $600 for attic insulation
  • Up to $450 for exposed floor and joist header insulation
  • Bonus offer of $750 if you receive an EnerGuide home evaluation

Upgrades must be installed by March 31, 2016, and the application must be submitted by April 30, 2016.

Contact:   1-800-740-0055 | email

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New Home Program

A program for new single family-detached, duplex, town, row, and laneway homes.

  • $2,000/unit for single-family detached homes ($250/unit inside the City of Vancouver)
  • $700/unit for duplex homes ($250/unit inside the City of Vancouver)
  • $700/unit for townhomes and rowhomes
  • $250/unit for laneway homes

The program follows the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard.

Contact:   email

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Home Renovation Rebates

Rebates are available for:

Who’s eligible

  • Residential customers in the BC Hydro and/or FortisBC service territory.
  • Electricity or natural gas is the primary heating fuel for the home.
  • Homes must have a minimum 12 months utility billing history.
  • Residential dwellings, including single-family detached homes, duplexes, row homes, townhouses, or mobile homes on a permanent foundation.

Electricity customers: 877 338 3347 |

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Heritage Energy Retrofit (Pilot Program)

Vancouver Heritage Foundation (in partnership with the City of Vancouver Sustainability Group and City Green Solutions) is offering homes on the Vancouver Heritage Register or built before 1940 up to $3,000 for retrofits (including insulation) that result in measurable reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Homes must be heated by oil or gas.

The pilot program opened in September 2015, and is now full and has closed.  It will re-open again in September 2016.

Contact:   604-264-9642 | email

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VanCity Home Energy Loan

VanCity is offering Vancouver residents a loan to leverage the cost of renovation projects, including insulation upgrades.  $3,500-20,000 loans are offered at prime + 1% for up to 15 years, with flexible payment options.

For those who participate in BC Hydro’s Home Renovation Rebates, VanCity is adding a $200 VanCity Home Energy Rebate to help save up to $6,400 on a variety of energy efficiency upgrades.

Contact:   604-877-7000

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East Kootenay District: Invermere
Building Incentives

Rebate of $5,000 provided to existing or new single-family homes that achieve an EnerGuide rating (EG) of at least 83.

The program is full for 2015, but call to be placed on a waiting list for 2016.

Contact: 250-342-9281

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East Kootenay District: Kimberley
Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program

Offered by the City of Kimberley, the program offers financial incentives to existing and new buildings.

  • Existing buildings: 1% building permit rebate for every EnerGuide (EG) point improvement
  • New builds: building permit fee rebate based on the achieved EG rating
    • EG 78-79: 10% rebate
    • EG 80-82: 20% rebate
    • EG 83-85: 40% rebate
    • EG 86-90: 60% rebate
    • EG 91-100: 80% rebate

Contact:   250-427-9655 | email

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Nanaimo and Lantzville District
Home Energy Assessment

The Regional District of Nanaimo offers the following incentives to its residents:

  • $150 rebate for an initial home energy assessment resulting in an EnerGuide (EG) rating;
  • $10 per EG rating point improvement ($200 maximum).

Contact:   1-877-607-4111 | 250-390-6510 | email

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EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program

The City of Nelson and Nelson Hydro have partnered up to offer homeowners the following for retrofit upgrades:

  • Free post-energy assessment (value $150);
  • 3.5% on-bill financing, amortized 5-10 years with a one-time dispersal fee of $100.

The work and the evaluations must be completed by March 31, 2016.

Contact:   1-877-352-7207 | email

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New Westminster
Energy Save New West

The City of New Westminster is offering homeowners a limited number of pre-upgrade energy assessments for $60 (total savings of $240).  The assessments help identify available incentives and rebates for energy upgrades through BC Hydro and FortisBC.

Contact:   604-515-3818

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