British Columbia Commercial Financial Incentives for Insulation


BC Hydro
Project Implementation Funding

Up to 75% of the incremental cost of energy efficiency projects to help implement efficiency projects. The funding level is also based on a tiered approach, meaning projects that were previously too costly may now be eligible for richer incentives.

Building needs to be electrically heated.

Contact:   Lower Mainland: 604-522-4713 | Elsewhere: 1-866-522-4713 | email

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Commercial Custom Design Program: New Construction

A program for buildings with high-performance designs that deliver energy savings.

  • Energy Study Funding: up to 100% of an energy study to develop a high-performance design that delivers energy savings compared to a conventional building design.
  • Capital Incentives: provided to help qualified projects implement the improved efficient design, and calculated based on the amount of electrical energy savings.

For Info  1-866-884-8833
To apply  Lower Mainland 604-522-4713 | Elsewhere 1-866-522-4713

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Commercial Custom Design Program: Retrofit Projects

Program for buildings designed with energy conservation in mind.

  • Energy Study Funding: 50% of the cost to a maximum of $25,000.
  • Capital Incentive Funding: The additional cost of implementing the approved energy conservation measure over and above the cost of an otherwise equivalent yet less efficient alternative, less the value of one year’s worth of natural gas savings.
  • Implementation Bonus Funding: Offered to those who successfully deliver more than half of the approved energy savings, up to $25,000.

Buildings need to be heated with natural gas.

Contact:   1-866-884-8833 | email

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Custom Business Efficiency Program

A program for buildings with high-performance designs that deliver energy savings.

  • Energy Study Funding: No cost walk-through energy assessment to help identify energy saving opportunities for your project.
  • Energy Modelling Study: $1,500 towards the cost of the energy study, and 50% advance from your expected rebate (up to $6,000).
  • Rebates: Based on $0.10/estimated annual kilowatt hour (kWh) saved, and provided once your project is complete and the energy savings are confirmed.  Final rebate amounts range from $1,000 to over $300,000.

Karen d’Aoust, PowerSense Small Business Representative | 250-469-8035 | 1-855-857-7411 | email

Central Okanagan Kelly Hewson, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-717-0809 | email

South Okanagan / Similkameen Perry Feser, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-770-4607 | email
Phil Hawkes, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-770-4606 | email

Kootenay / Boundary Doug Limminen, CEM, PowerSense Technical Advisor | 250-368-0509 | email

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Multi-Unit Residential Building: New Construction Program

Program for multi-unit residential and mixed-use buildings designed with energy conservation in mind.

  • Custom rebates — Building Envelope: $0.15/kWh for one year of annual electricity savings.

You must be a FortisBC electric customer or customer of municipality of Grand Forks, Summerland, Penticton, or Nelson Hydro.

Contact your FortisBC technical advisor or natural gas energy solutions manager to get started.

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Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program

Offered by the City of Kimberley, the program offers financial incentives to existing and new buildings.

  • Existing buildings: 1% building permit rebate for every EnerGuide (EG) point improvement
  • New builds: building permit fee rebate based on the achieved EG rating
    • EG 78-79: 10% rebate
    • EG 80-82: 20% rebate
    • EG 83-85: 40% rebate
    • EG 86-90: 60% rebate
    • EG 91-100: 80% rebate

Contact:   250-427-9655 | email

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VanCity Eco-Efficiency Loan

VanCity is offering Vancouver businesses, not-for-profit organisations, housing cooperatives, and property-managed stratas loans to leverage the cost of capital upgrades.  Loans of up to $250,000 are offered at a preferred rate, financing up to 100% of the upgrades, and flexible repayment terms.

Contact:   1-866-381-9995   |   email

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