Piping and Duct Insulation

Mechanical and insulation contractors, engineers, and building operators all need reliable, accessible information to confidently specify the appropriate product for a particular job. Consider this your go-to resource for designing, specifying, and constructing air handling systems insulation, so you can make informed decisions on the job.

For best practices to installing pipe and duct insulation, refer to Thermal Insulation Association of Canada’s best practices guide.

Insulation Types

Explore the mineral fibre solutions for insulating piping and duct systems.

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Why Insulate

Find out why insulating piping and duct systems is essential to building comfort and efficiency.

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Installation Guidance

Get guidance on preparation, procedures, and inspections for quality installation.

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Codes & Standards

Check out our guides to relevant codes and standards for piping and duct systems.

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Health & Safety

Find out more about the healthy and safety of insulation for piping and duct systems.

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Financial Incentives list

Financial Incentives List Planning an insulation project? You may be able to save some money.

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