Installing Insulation

Key Checklist

A free tool is now available to help inspect residential and commercial insulation jobs. The Key Checklist For Inspecting Insulation Jobs is a useful information source for determining whether the insulation in walls, ceilings and floors are properly installed.  It can be used by new home purchasers prior to delivery inspection or homeowners looking to ensure proper installation by contractors on major home renovations.

Installing Insulation

Fibre glass and mineral wool insulation is safe to install and use when recommended work practices are followed, so we have provided some links below that include some useful information and tips to keep in mind during installation.

Need help installing batt insulation to ceilings, roof decks, floors, or knee walls? This document includes images and instruction on the installation process, and addresses attic access hatches and ventilation.

As with any project, these tips for installing batt insulation may come in handy. It demonstrates how to work around obstructions or obstacles can be worked around when insulating attics, walls, or floors, and it outlines solutions to insulating walls or floors under special situations.

Here is a 3-part series of how-to videos by Advanced Energy that demonstrate the installation of batt insulation.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: