Updates on Ontario’s Climate Change Plan

The Ontario government is continuing to solidify details to its Climate Change Action Plan, with the following developments: Using proceeds from the cap and trade program, Ontario will invest up to $900M over four years in energy retrofits for social housing and private residential apartment buildings. The investment would provide funding to social housing for energy efficiency improvements, [...]

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Replacing a Furnace?

If you're replacing a furnace, it probably means that you are getting hit for a big cash outlay, and you may be easy prey for anyone offering a time-limited “special”.  The best approach is to realise that this situation offers an opportunity to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, and then get a smaller–and hopefully less [...]

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NAIMA’s Recycling Survey 2014

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Five Reasons to Think Differently About Insulation

Canadian contractor guru Steve Maxwell has published a video highlighting the five reasons you should think differently about insulation.  So why should you think about insulation differently? Insulation improves the comfort of your home. Insulation is a great investment. Insulation makes your home more liveable. Insulation helps your home meet rising standards and expectations. Insulation matters more than the [...]

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Future proofing downtown dream homes

Most of us buy the best home we can, and then over the years make changes and renovations as we realise our dreams for our homes.  We assume the future will not hold too many obstacles and we promise ourselves that “we’ll find a way”.  But if our home is in a congested city core, we can get some [...]

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UBC to build 18-storey wood frame building

Aiming to use more sustainable building materials, the University of British Columbia (UBC) has approved the construction of “Tall Wood Residence”, an 18-storey wood frame structure that will house 404 upper year and graduate students. The $51.5 million project is expected to be completed by 2017, and will be one of the world’s tallest wood-frame [...]

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Does your home have enough insulation?

It’s getting cool again, and before long most of Canada will become cold enough to kill you. And while your house will almost certainly keep you alive this winter, the cold, cruel blast will likely do damage to your finances and your comfort level. Ask yourself this: how much will winter have to cost, or how cold will your toes [...]

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Challenge accepted!

Our American counterparts, NAIMA, have challenged us to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  We accept this challenge. This challenge raises awareness of ALS and helps to raise funds for research. We now extend this challenge to the staff at: the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA), the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI), and the Canadian Energy [...]

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