CMHC Incentive for Energy Efficient Homes

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has recently increased the incentive they offer to borrowers buying, building, or renovating energy efficient homes, demonstrating their commitment to making energy efficient homes more affordable. Moving away from a 10% refund on mortgage loan insurance for achieving a minimum EnerGuide (EG) rating of 82, borrowers can now receive up [...]

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How Energy Efficient Is Your Home? If you’re shopping for a resale home, you can know almost all the financial responsibilities you’ll face for a given house before you buy it. Almost all, but not quite. At least not yet. You can know mortgage payments and property taxes down to the penny, but the wild card is still energy costs. [...]

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Replacing a Furnace?

If you're replacing a furnace, it probably means that you are getting hit for a big cash outlay, and you may be easy prey for anyone offering a time-limited “special”.  The best approach is to realise that this situation offers an opportunity to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, and then get a smaller–and hopefully less [...]

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NAIMA’s Recycling Survey 2014

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How Canadians Can Work Together To Reduce GHG Emissions

The world was watching closely for two weeks as global leaders came together in Paris for COP21, the global combat climate conference.  The result: nearly 200 countries have agreed to limit the “increase in the global average temperature to below 2 ̊C above pre-industrial levels by reducing emissions to 40 gigatonnes or to 1.5 ̊C above pre-industrial levels”.  Supporters call this [...]

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Five Reasons to Think Differently About Insulation

Canadian contractor guru Steve Maxwell has published a video highlighting the five reasons you should think differently about insulation.  So why should you think about insulation differently? Insulation improves the comfort of your home. Insulation is a great investment. Insulation makes your home more liveable. Insulation helps your home meet rising standards and expectations. Insulation matters more than the [...]

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Why the Prime Minister Should Prioritize Energy Conservation

The White House.  10 Downing Street.  24 Sussex Drive.  For those outside of Canada, the latter address is the lesser known official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada.  Unlike the other two, it is in a state of decrepitude, and now that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to leave the house empty so the long overdue renovations [...]

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Future proofing downtown dream homes

Most of us buy the best home we can, and then over the years make changes and renovations as we realise our dreams for our homes.  We assume the future will not hold too many obstacles and we promise ourselves that “we’ll find a way”.  But if our home is in a congested city core, we can get some [...]

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Insulation information to help you keep the cold away

It might be mild in many parts of the country, but do not be fooled. Another Canadian winter is soon upon us, and we can expect to feel the first cold snap nip at our noses and toes -- and our wallets. The good news is, there is a way to stay comfortable and healthy [...]

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The Ugly Truth About Insulation

If home insulation was a character in a fairy tale, it’d be the plain, hardworking younger sister who never gets the attention her beautiful heart deserves. The flashy, vain and overly-quaffed sisters would get all the looks, but never deliver the selfless value of Little Miss Insulation. When we watch movies like these, we all know where real virtue [...]

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