New Report: Health Benefits of a Low-Carbon Future

The City of Toronto commissioned a report to explore the health benefits of reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere through improvements in a number of areas, including increasing energy efficiency of buildings. Although Toronto-centric, the report has some key insights that can be applied nation-wide. The risks of climate change that have an impact on health [...]

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CMHC Incentive for Energy Efficient Homes

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has recently increased the incentive they offer to borrowers buying, building, or renovating energy efficient homes, demonstrating their commitment to making energy efficient homes more affordable. Moving away from a 10% refund on mortgage loan insurance for achieving a minimum EnerGuide (EG) rating of 82, borrowers can now receive up [...]

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Ontario Releases Climate Change Action Plan

The Government of Ontario released its five-year Climate Change Action Plan on June 8, leading the province towards a low-carbon economy. The Plan, which is to be funded by the Cap and Trade Program’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account (GGRA), includes the following programs and initiatives: Improve energy efficiency in multi-tenant residential buildings: $680-900 million to [...]

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Updates on Ontario’s Climate Change Plan

The Ontario government is continuing to solidify details to its Climate Change Action Plan, with the following developments: Using proceeds from the cap and trade program, Ontario will invest up to $900M over four years in energy retrofits for social housing and private residential apartment buildings. The investment would provide funding to social housing for energy efficiency improvements, [...]

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Canada’s Infrastructure and Communities Are About to Become More Energy Efficient

The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, wants to build sustainable cities and communities. At CEEA’s Luncheon in Ottawa on May 9, the Minister announced that over the next 10 years, the federal infrastructure investments will be doubled to $120 billion, with $10 billion in new investments provided over the next two years [...]

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The Purpose of Codes

What the recent I-Code hearings in the USA have made clear is that the American and Canadian Codes are not only different, but have different goals and functions in their respective countries. The Code process in the USA is very democratic, allowing all to submit proposals which are discussed and voted on, and ultimately the [...]

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How Energy Efficient Is Your Home? If you’re shopping for a resale home, you can know almost all the financial responsibilities you’ll face for a given house before you buy it. Almost all, but not quite. At least not yet. You can know mortgage payments and property taxes down to the penny, but the wild card is still energy costs. [...]

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Net Zero & Net Zero Ready Labelling

Many people are realising the value of a highly energy efficient home.  Less energy wasted means lower utility bills and the social satisfaction of reducing greenhouse gases generated to heat and cool the home. But surely homeowners would like their homes to have a better resell value as well?  And for that, the home needs to have a [...]

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The Devil Really Is in the Details

When you read a Building Code, all major items are well defined – and they quite rightly grab the builder’s and building inspector’s attention. But recent studies have shown that the cumulative effects of the little allowances and exceptions can be very significant. The energy inefficient details in the building envelope fall under two headings: continuity of insulation and [...]

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Ontario Invests in Energy Efficiency, GHG Reduction

As part of its Climate Change Strategy, Ontario is using the new $325-million Green Investment Fund to fight climate change, grow the economy, and create jobs through investing in projects that improve energy efficiency. The Fund allocates money collected from Ontario’s cap and trade program to projects that strengthen the economy, create jobs, and reduce GHG emissions. The $92 million investment is expected to lower [...]

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