Stay warm this winter with these easy and cost effective ways to keep the heat up and the heating bills down this season.

1. There’s An App For That

Your city or region might just have an app for your home energy account. Use a hydro app or online account to learn about your home’s energy consumption. Review your electricity usage, and most importantly for saving money, get actionable energy saving tips straight to your smartphone. This can help pinpoint areas where you can make some energy and money saving changes.

See Hydro Ottawa’s App by clicking here.

2. Insulation Is Key

Just like electricity prices, heat has the tendency of rising. If your home has folding attic stairs or an attic door, consider insulating the door to stop your heat from escaping upwards.

For maximum heat retention, put mineral fibre insulation around doors and windows, including in unused or less frequented rooms. Basements and attics are often the worst offenders for your home’s warm air escaping outside.

In terms of more permanent solutions, insulation will give you the biggest bang for your buck. As an added bonus, it will help you save on your energy bill throughout the year and in the summer.

3. Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams can create serious problems such as roof leaks and even partial collapse in a heavy snow fall. Not ideal for a homeowner on a budget!

Prevent ice dams before they happen. Make sure your attic properly vented and insulate the floor of your attic so that cold air doesn’t leak into the top floor of your house. Clear out gutters from leaves and debris to make sure that water can flow freely through to  prevent icicles and ice dams from forming later.

As an added bonus, this practice can also save energy and reduce your heating bill.

4. Take Advantage of Incentives

Depending on your province or region, you might be eligible to save money or even get money back on certain aspects of your home.

The incentive programs vary, so once you’ve pinpointed a problem area in your home, it’s always worth checking out our Incentives & Rebates page to see if there are any ways to save some money.

5. Invest in Some Cozies

Avoid being tempted to turn up the heat by getting comfortable in some slippers and a woolly sweater. Although this isn’t necessarily a weekend DIY project for your home, it is definitely the most tried and true trick in the book.